Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time…

I cleaned my entire apartment today.  Always good to do that after the holidays.  I took down most of the decorations, save for a wreath my parents sent me and a few lights that seem acceptable through the first of the year.  On an impulse, I moved some of my living room furniture into the kitchen and put one of my kitchen tables where my coffee table was.  Don’t ask.  It was time for a change.  And if ever there were a time to get strange, I believe it’s now.

Though I wasn’t able to be with my family this year, I managed to make the most of Christmas.  I took my weekly earned leave on Christmas Eve.  I drove with a friend to Venice Beach to walk along the ocean.  I would have loved nothing more than to strip down and jump into the waves, but of course I couldn’t do that with my ankle bracelet.

We parked and set off down the walkway, taking in all of the expected sites and characters of the infamous Venice strip.  I bought two pairs of cheap sunglasses.  I always like to buy more than one at a time because I systematically break them.

Though I’ve become used to people staring at my ankle, this was by far the most notice I’ve seen it attract.  With almost no exception, every person who passed us along the boardwalk stared shamelessly at my ankle and oftentimes even pointed.  At least 5 people approached me to ask what the hell I did to get it.  Strange interactions.

As we strolled past Muscle Beach, a group of guys hollered to me, “how’d you sneak out?!”   I smiled politely and walked on.  People kept wanting us to stop and talk, but we had little time or interest to spare.  Despite the severe reality of my situation, we couldn’t help but laugh at the attention.  It was Christmas Eve, and I was happy to be out of my apartment and near the ocean.

I had friends over last night for Christmas dinner. I continue to be grateful to be able to have visitors here.

In other news, there is an exciting addition to the gym in my apartment building (which I am permitted to go to as long as I call my PO first and stay no more than an hour). We now have a punching bag for boxing.  I’m told it will be set up in the next day or so.  I feel like it could be well advised for me to get some boxing gloves.  Granted, I do live off of Crenshaw Blvd, so that’s probably well advised regardless.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print for today.  Merry Christmas, and happy Hannukah. xo

316 days to go.