These Boots Were Made… Not for Someone Wearing an Ankle Bracelet.

It’s a rainy day in my corner of the world.  I’m sitting on my wood floor with bare feet, recovering from a workout.  The windows in my apartment are open and I can hear drizzle and sirens out on Crenshaw.

I’m glad it’s raining.  It reminds me of living in Washington.  It also makes being locked inside all day feel more normal.

I have my weekly earned leave tonight.  Hooray!  Three glorious hours of freedom to be out of my apartment, where I could almost forget that I’m on house arrest at all if it weren’t for the massive hunk of plastic collared at my ankle.

I always overdress to leave the house now.  Doesn’t matter where I’m going.  I gussy up like a prize pig headed for the county fair.   I’m not saying I spend hours getting ready, but I do find myself making more of an effort than I have in the past.  I see it as an opportunity to refresh.  If I have a chance to roam around in the Free World, I simply don’t feel inclined to do so in the same sloppy attire that I so often wear at home.  On that note, I sometimes even wear heels at home if I’m having company.  Why not?  I’m a girl who’s practically lived in heels and a dress every day of my life since 8th grade, and I’m not going to let a pesky thing like house arrest change that.

Some elements of dressing up are more of a challenge now.  It’s incredible the things that can be taken for granted.  For example:  Wearing boots.  With exception to folded-down Uggs, I have only one pair of boots that I can manage to squeeze into with the ankle bracelet on (and that baby’s not going anywhere for a long time still).  This pair of boots is very high, hitting just above the knee, and the material is a thin cloth.  It takes some doing, but I’m able to pull it through under the bracelet.

I remember the first time I realized that boots would be a challenge this year.  I was at the home monitoring probation office in downtown LA, at my first meeting with my home monitoring officer.  I had parked about five blocks away.  I carelessly wore fitted boots, assuming that there would be some way to wear the bracelet with a boot on.  Within minutes of getting clamped, I discovered that I had been very wrong about that.  I was forced to limp back to my car with only a sock on my left foot, a new ankle bracelet above it, and my boot and a charging cord in a bag at my hip.  It’s the one time that I feel like I’ve ever “out-stranged” the foot traffic in downtown LA.

287 days to go.