8 thoughts on “Video (since being released)

  1. I saw your show on ID channel and I am glas that you are out of jail. I am also sorry that you were treated poorly by Lizzette. Not everyone is like that. Take care

  2. You were tricked. Someone took advantage of your emotions,good intentions and love. It was a very good idea to create such a awesome site. You are obviously very talented and will do well as you continue to recover from this nightmare. Let good luck be with you.

  3. Hello I saw you story on ID and I felt so sad for you and how you were treated. I nice to see that you took something so negative and turn it into something so positive. Good luck to you

  4. I saw the show on ID tonight and was so fascinted that I read your blog. Well written and very inspiring. I’m glad that everything worked out for you. Continue to be positive and light-hearted. You have a bright future!

  5. Hello,
    Today i saw your little film on Discovery ID channel, i guess it was too late for me bcz i read, all comments since 2013 =D im not sure maybe you can’t look this website forever.. but just want to say “DO NOT believe peoples” never 🙂 i really was sad for you.. 1 year house arrest and 30 days in prison, not fair for a Hollywood dreamer o.O i hope you understand my english, im Turkish. My website is http://www.youtube.com/user/BeteNabeDO if you wanna, contact with me. send me one message or put a comment to my one video i will see you.

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