First Blog: November 22, 2011

I was released from federal prison on November 9th, 2011.  I was incarcerated at Victorville Federal Prison Camp for women in Adelanto, CA, in the desert, for a term of 30 days.  Today is the 12th day of my “freedom”.  I sit in my single apartment, in Los Angeles, alone.  I have a GPS location device on my left ankle. It’s bigger than I thought it would be.  It reminds me of a pair of binoculars, strapped to my ankle with a two-inch thick plastic band.  I am on house arrest.

On August 26th, 2011, I was sentenced by a federal judge in Columbus, OH to serve 30 days in prison, 365 days of home confinement, and two years of probation, following a guilty plea to conspiracy and possession of over 220 pounds of marijuana with intent to distribute.

I will be on the electronic monitoring program until November 14th, 2012.  One year.  Today will mark the completion of my first week of home confinement.  This is my first blog, on any site, ever.  I have never felt any inclination to blog prior to now, or even to post regular updates on Facebook, Twitter, or otherwise.  However, given my recent turn of circumstance, I have decided to document my experience via this website and blog.  This is a new reality for me, and I wonder if sharing my experience may help to alleviate some feeling of detachment or isolation from the “outside” world that could occur during my confinement here.  Then again, it could be worse; I did just come back to LA from being an inmate in federal prison.  I am free, yet confined.  A compromised freedom.

Being here is better than being caged in a prison, but, such as in life, with every change, we trade one set of complications for another.  With this blog I intend to share some details of my current set of complications.

I know that many thousands of people have been in this program, and live in it today.  I have never known anyone who has been in this situation or is in it now, but I would love to connect with others in similar circumstances in a hopefully shared interest to make the best of an unfortunate turn of events, spun out by unfortunate decisions.  Here we go.  More soon…

358 days to go.

13 thoughts on “First Blog: November 22, 2011

  1. Wow what a story you have. I’ve been in a very simulair case I got 12 yrs. in Indiana Womens Prison, for manufacturing and dealing in meth plus three yrs. probation
    plus 3yrs. Probation.. It was a living horror story. It takes a strong willed,& determined

  2. i watched a show on ID concercing ur case, and how a so called friend abused ur trust for her benefit. wish u well in the near future as you recover from this.

  3. Wow. I just saw your story on ID. I can understand your fear of just quitting your “job” with her. It’s no telling what that maniac might have done to you. How does your future modeling/acting career look?

  4. Hello im thami from South Africa. I watched ur case on ID. Your’e very beautiful lady and can’t wait to see u on the big screen since you r persuing a career in acting. I am sorry to see what ur friend did to u but proud that u didn’t suffer in silence that u r sharing ur story with the world. I pray that God gives u the strength to go through ur days with courage and forgivness in ur heart. I m inspired. South Africa loves u mam.

  5. I just seen your story on Who the bleep!I just want to say i found you to be in such a shameful situation i know that it takes allot to recover from such betrayal.Its almost like the worst first impression for a beautiful inspiring actress.I am glad to see you made something out of the situation and created this blog.I wish the best for you 🙂

  6. hi there!!
    I have just watched your story here in the uk on the CI channel and wow what a story you have to tell, but now i see you have your tag off and you look like your doing well and getting on with your life, but i wanted to say well done for keeping yourself together through a nightmare situation, sharing your story was extremely brave of you and i admire you for it, GOODLUCK WITH EVERYTHING INTHE FUTURE this websiteis now bookmarked and I cant wait to see how your life story continues 🙂 good luck sweety x

  7. Hi! I just saw your story on ID and am really impressed that you didn’t try to run from the situation, in denial. I’m sorry you weren’t able to get away before the bust. I think you’re very brave and I wish you well in your future endeavors. PLEASE don’t let this situation change your out view of others. 🙂

  8. I just found this site when I started my house arrest on March 19, 2015 for DUI. I already served 12 days in lieu of 25 days in jail but now in progress of finishing the additional 20 days to pay down my fines. Thank God I can do that but still, you are so right about a compromising confinement and trading one set of complications for another. Thank you so much for this blog. You seriously have helped give me some perspective and I don’t feel like I am the only person who has done this.

  9. omg i really needed this site! I am on house arrest for fighting and possession of marijuana. I had so many question this helped out so much. 🙂

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