Bored and Boarded

I sit here.

It is 10:50pm.  I’m sitting on a yoga ball and listening to the Kooks on Pandora in my apartment (for some reason I’ve recently felt compelled to share my listening menu with you- not sure why, but hey, why the hell not?).  I just woke up from a nap.  It’s safe to say that was a bad decision, to begin a nap at 8:30pm, because now I’ll be awake all night.  Damn it.  Especially when you consider that my day of being conscious started at 1pm.  I didn’t work or have any Leave scheduled for today, so other than a routine waddle around the back yard and a pathetic attempt at exercise in the gym, I was locked in all day.

My gym time has been staggered and halfhearted recently, to put it generously.  I’ve mostly just been walking on the treadmill at a geriatric pace, leaning my entire upper body weight against the safety bars, and watching Breaking Bad on Netflix on my iPhone.  That show is mighty good.  However, it’s a little masochistic that I watch it because it hits a little close to home for me and sometimes it gives me bad dreams.  I have few vices while I’m on house arrest, and it might be true that watching Locked Up Abroad and Breaking Bad are among them.

I watched a lot of TV today, at least by my standards.  I probably watch TV an average of once a week (usually, that would include Netflix on my phone).  Today it was game on for the boob tube.  I kicked it off with War Horse on demand, and spiraled downward into daytime TV after that.

Today has been a blur.  Some days on house arrest are like this.  I find myself trying to break the monotony.  Just to switch it up, I took my coffee with a little sugar (I usually take it black), I played some music from the twenties, I shaved my head bald, and I watched CNN.

Okay, not all of that is true.  I never watch CNN.

182 days to go.

4 thoughts on “Bored and Boarded

  1. Im also on house arrest and bored out of my mind! And i was social going out party type of person im 22 years old and they put me on it right before the summer so you know im suffering lol

  2. I’ve been on house arrest for 190 days and I’m only half way(ish). If I’ve learned anything it’s romanticism is not only overrated, but actually quite detrimental to modern (wo)man. I was charged with menacing by stalking by my former GF… can you imagine that? I want to move on, but because I can’t socialize with anyone I have no new interactions and am forced to rehash the past in a whirlwind of torturous nightmares. I don’t even bother taking naps during the day anymore ’cause I know i’ll just wake up from a humiliating recollection of this chick doing a fist pump the second she walked out of the courthouse. FML. Anyway, wow… I’m sure you don’t care about my problems, but I just want to say that I know where you’re coming from with the insomnia, lack of excitement for the present and desire for this shit to be over.

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