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I was released from federal prison on November 9th, 2011.  I was incarcerated at Victorville Federal Prison Camp for women in Adelanto, CA, in the desert, for a term of 30 days.  Today is the 12th day of my “freedom”.  I sit in my single apartment, in Los Angeles, alone.  I have a GPS location device on my left ankle. It’s bigger than I thought it would be.  It reminds me of a pair of binoculars, strapped to my ankle with a two-inch thick plastic band.  I am on house arrest.

On August 26th, 2011, I was sentenced by a federal judge in Columbus, OH to serve 30 days in prison, 365 days of home confinement, and two years of probation, following a guilty plea to conspiracy and possession of over 220 pounds of marijuana with intent to distribute.

I will be on the electronic monitoring program until November 14th, 2012.  One year.  Today will mark the completion of my first week of home confinement.  This is my first blog, on any site, ever.  I have never felt any inclination to blog prior to now, or even to post regular updates on Facebook, Twitter, or otherwise.  However, given my recent turn of circumstance, I have decided to document my experience via this website and blog.  This is a new reality for me, and I wonder if sharing my experience may help to alleviate some feeling of detachment or isolation from the “outside” world that could occur during my confinement here.  Then again, it could be worse; I did just come back to LA from being an inmate in federal prison.  I am free, yet confined.  A compromised freedom.

Being here is better than being caged in a prison, but, such as in life, with every change, we trade one set of complications for another.  With this blog I intend to share some details of my current set of complications.

I know that many thousands of people have been in this program, and live in it today.  I have never known anyone who has been in this situation or is in it now, but I would love to connect with others in similar circumstances in a hopefully shared interest to make the best of an unfortunate turn of events, spun out by unfortunate decisions.  Here we go.  More soon…

358 days to go.


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  1. Meili,

    I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I was Jenna A. ‘s best friend in elementary/middle school. You were friends with her sister, Tessa. It’s very mind boggling to hear of something like this happening to someone like you. However, through my own life experiences, I have come to see that things can happen to the people you least expect them to. I admire your courage to share your story with others. I think it is important for you to write your thoughts, and someday you could probably make a book. You have a very good writing style Meili. Keep your head up!

  2. hey! long time, no see! I’m sorry it’s been a while ~ but I got sent home from my mission with health complications. I had actually been struggling with an injury that happened just after graduation, and after things took a turn for the worst, I was honorably released from the Mission. I miss seeing you and will hopefully be able to drop by sometime soon! I mean, I only live 45 min away ~ and so I plan to take advantage of that often. I love your posts! And your background is good, too! I mean, it was all great when you started, but the changes were smart ones. Let me know how you are!! I think you have my email now that I subscribed..

  3. I was sentenced to house arrest last month and was given until today to apply for home confinement. Today I went to apply for it. They said to give them a call on Friday to check if my application went through. This is the scariest thing I have ever had to do. The worst part is that I have a housemate && the owners of the house are her parents which come on the weekends… I found your blog and I am soooo happy I found something that made me feel better about my situation. You’re an inspiration.

  4. So if you didn’t do the house arrest thing, how much time would you have gotten?

    Probably only 1/3 of the time?

    30 days in prison? Wasn’t it just county jail?

  5. Your story is absolutely incredible. I can’t believe you were in prison in a city which I live! I like in Victorville/Adelanto. That’s crazy how close you were to me.

  6. Saw your story today id tv u have my prayers Hun hope this finds you in good spirits keep doing wat ur doing n keep your head up!

  7. Wow what a story but it really could’ve been worst at least you know if you could make it through that you can do anything view life some what like that and you’ll be just fine good luck

  8. I was watching tv this morning, that was a wild story that is not something we see here in Denmark, think peoble get a long prison time over there…. in Denmark u can kill some one and only get 5 to 7 years would like to see Denmark put people behind bars for a longer time,… for drugs and murder…. i think u story was sad u shouldent have been trough that but heads up … hope u will get a bright future love from Denmark

  9. Sorry to hear what has happen to you in the past but its been a whil and I am sure life has picked up for you:),I just really hope you still check this blog from time to time cause I could really use some good advice right now, from a person that knows exactly what I am going through and have been through.. By getting back to me via email would benefit a whole lot of people not just me.. So you’d be helping out a lot:) So, if its not to much to ask you for a reply back to me via email…I could and will just explain everything to you that way…Its just really serious and the situation could use some light on it…Thanks I will appreciate this if you just reply back even if its just once, at least I got an answer 🙂 Hope to hear from ya soon…?

  10. Hi I’m Veronica from ireland I just looked at the documentary based on the events while you were friendly with lisette, your an inspiration to all that has been or might still be in similar positions, I wish you the very best I’m your life and acting career, with love Veronica xx

  11. Hello. I was arrested for DUI and have been sentenced to house arrest for the next year. I start my sentence on Monday. What was the process of getting your bracelet for monitoring?

  12. Lisette hey not sure if you’re still reading these but i had seen your story on American gangster interesting im sure the experience you been through was rough an exhausting emotional an stressful after seening your story i took action on trying to find you an contact you an just wondering what it was like i know you look back at times an wish things didnt happen or how you may have planned it to go down im very curious on you an your story you my contact me by my kik account@ selesdino69 or dinotrann have a nice day an god bless

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