Legal vs. Illegal for the Felons

This is a typical uniform for my days on house arrest. Sexually overwhelming, no doubt.

Some of the laws in this country were made in madness.  Now that I am officially a felon, I live under a different set of legal limitations.

For example:  I had to stop my volunteer work at a middle school in Compton because it’s illegal for me to work with children.

However, it would still be perfectly legal for me to go to a drug store to purchase anal porn, then head to a sporting goods store to buy a cross-bow because it’s not a firearm.

It would be no problem, by the law, for me to take my anal porn, throw it up in the air and try to shoot it with a cross-bow across the street from a school.  That would be fine.  No justice to be served.  Carry on.

God forbid that I vote in the upcoming election, but while everyone else is at the ballots, I can fire up a chainsaw in the parking lot of a shopping mall, make a menacing face while I saw my Kia in half over the concrete and generally terrify shoppers. That’s no problem.

Just sayin…

230 days to go.

4 thoughts on “Legal vs. Illegal for the Felons

  1. **chuckling** It’s good to wake up to a little laugh…. the visions cast in my head are hard to shake, though. LOL! Are you working on selling your blog? This could be bigger than the julie and julia movie!

  2. Never thought about it that way, but absolutely true. Our justice system is far from perfect. Just sayin… Keep up that great, although slightly askew, sense of humor!! 🙂

  3. After you are released from probation you can petition the court to reduce that felony to a misdemeanor. You can vote once again after you are released from probation and after 7 years you will no longer have to report the crime for background checks for employment

  4. There is a life before and a life after. They are very different and I think you are will go through the remainder of your life with a real disability. There’s never a shortage of people to point the finger and judge. Even though you paid the price for your mistake, it is far from over for you. I truly hope you turn the lemon into lemonayde. You seem to be on top of your game and I wish you the very best of luck. I have always heard that every knock is a boost and hopefully you will be boosted to a wonderful place in life.

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