These Boots Were Made… Not for Someone Wearing an Ankle Bracelet.

It’s a rainy day in my corner of the world.  I’m sitting on my wood floor with bare feet, recovering from a workout.  The windows in my apartment are open and I can hear drizzle and sirens out on Crenshaw.

I’m glad it’s raining.  It reminds me of living in Washington.  It also makes being locked inside all day feel more normal.

I have my weekly earned leave tonight.  Hooray!  Three glorious hours of freedom to be out of my apartment, where I could almost forget that I’m on house arrest at all if it weren’t for the massive hunk of plastic collared at my ankle.

I always overdress to leave the house now.  Doesn’t matter where I’m going.  I gussy up like a prize pig headed for the county fair.   I’m not saying I spend hours getting ready, but I do find myself making more of an effort than I have in the past.  I see it as an opportunity to refresh.  If I have a chance to roam around in the Free World, I simply don’t feel inclined to do so in the same sloppy attire that I so often wear at home.  On that note, I sometimes even wear heels at home if I’m having company.  Why not?  I’m a girl who’s practically lived in heels and a dress every day of my life since 8th grade, and I’m not going to let a pesky thing like house arrest change that.

Some elements of dressing up are more of a challenge now.  It’s incredible the things that can be taken for granted.  For example:  Wearing boots.  With exception to folded-down Uggs, I have only one pair of boots that I can manage to squeeze into with the ankle bracelet on (and that baby’s not going anywhere for a long time still).  This pair of boots is very high, hitting just above the knee, and the material is a thin cloth.  It takes some doing, but I’m able to pull it through under the bracelet.

I remember the first time I realized that boots would be a challenge this year.  I was at the home monitoring probation office in downtown LA, at my first meeting with my home monitoring officer.  I had parked about five blocks away.  I carelessly wore fitted boots, assuming that there would be some way to wear the bracelet with a boot on.  Within minutes of getting clamped, I discovered that I had been very wrong about that.  I was forced to limp back to my car with only a sock on my left foot, a new ankle bracelet above it, and my boot and a charging cord in a bag at my hip.  It’s the one time that I feel like I’ve ever “out-stranged” the foot traffic in downtown LA.

287 days to go.

6 thoughts on “These Boots Were Made… Not for Someone Wearing an Ankle Bracelet.

  1. Well, I must admit, I was quite surprised to come across your blog. As aweful as it must sound when you explain it to someone else I too am on house arrest. Lets see, I have about 345 days left. I will stop by occasionally and check on your progress. I’m a busy person these days you know, reorganizing my silverware drawer again and continuing to see what my bounderies are before I get a little red blinky. Good luck!

  2. so…I found your site after listening to the “bagged & boarded” podcast, which was also the first time I had ever DL’d that particular podcast (serendipitous I guess). I don’t want to undermine what you’re experiencing by any means, but in a few short years it will all feel like a bad dream and you WILL revert back to a state of normalcy. Stay positive, think long term, and I know you’ll be aces…but in the mean time, vulnerability (aka you’re writing on this blog etc) is the best way for us to display our humanity….so keep it up! Honest emotion, and human interaction trumps everything….

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  4. I just got put on an ankle monitor and while googling some tips on dressing with this thing on, found your blog. It is so helpful and inspiring! I am only 18 and only have 30 days but I have been on probation for two years and it is so frustrating! You have an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  5. Thanks for this blog. I haven’t started my house arrest yet but will be soon. Mortifying. I received mine in lieu of jail timed or a DUI. I’m searching for ways to hide this from my 6year old. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

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