Complications tonight.  Not the kind of complications as in my days of old.  Oh, no.  Things are different now.  “Complicated” tonight meant trying to find a parking space that would go safely without a ticket between now and Thursday evening, because that is the next time I am approved to leave my apartment.  If I decide to wander out to the street before then, I can face serious legal consequences.

My efforts to find suitable parking were hopeless, as street cleaning here is on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  I left a message with my home monitoring PO explaining my predicament and asking if I might be permitted to move my car Wednesday morning to avoid a $68 parking violation.  That’s the going rate here.  After all, I am asking to avoid some version of law breaking, right?  Surely, my interest is to serve a greater good and do right by the parking enforcement officers, who righteously punish citizens for their malicious parking agendas.  These officers are doing the Lord’s work, and I wouldn’t dream of getting in the way of their good will and service to the community.  Parking violators need to be snubbed out of society like a cancer, and this uniformed team of do-gooders is on the job.

I am literally a prisoner in my own home for the next three days. At least this prison has cable and online shopping.  Unless I’m granted permission to move my car for street cleaning, I will not be leaving here until Thursday evening.  In ways, I don’t mind so much because I enjoy being at home, but in other ways it’s suffocating to know that I don’t have the option to leave.  Home for three days…  Maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds (It’s always on!), but isn’t that about how long it would take, in the case of foul play, for neighbors to be bothered by a suspicious smell and onto the scent of a crime?  I wonder if anyone is keeping tabs on my door- how often I come in and go out- and when they realize that I’ve been inside for an ungodly amount of time, will they assume I’ve died and climb through the window to rob me blind?  Sweet Lord- this is getting morbid.  After my experience in prison and otherwise, I’m convinced that confinement is capable of breeding madness.

One defense I’ve found against madness is exercise.  I’ve been running almost every day at the apartment gym.  Especially during long stretches of being home, it’s a huge release for me.  My ankle bracelet has been aggravating my heel recently though, and after a run today the back of my sock was stained with blood.  New sock, too.  Shame.  I forgot to get band aids during my essential leave last week.  I’m learning to be better about making lists before going to the store.

My options now are to be extremely organized, or suffer the consequences when I’m not.

301 days to go.

6 thoughts on “Parked

  1. Dear Meili…
    I have to say that reading your blog is inspiring. Here I’m, laying in bed for the past 24 hours. I had my surgery yesterday or was it the day before? With the jet lag I am completely lost. As you know this is the moment I had been waiting for and now during these next days the hope is that everything goes well.
    Just like you I have been worried about getting a parking ticket. I left my car parked on the Tuesday side of the street and I’m hoping that my friend who is borrowing my car while I’m gone, remembered to move it to the Wednesday side and that today she remembers to move it back to the Tuesday side.
    Making a list to remember things I’ve also learned is quite important. I used to think that my brain was enough to keep everything that needed to be done in store. Well, I’m not sure if it’s because of my long 27 years of age, or the whiplash I had back in 09, or the fall I had back in December, or the many times they have anesthetized my mouth… but my brain is no longer working the same way it use to. So writing a to do list, is the best thing, that is of course if you remember to write everything on the list.
    I miss you Meili and I hope you don’t forget to buy everything you need next time you get to go to the store. I hope your ankle heels fast. When I get back without any more excuses we must hang out.

    Hope work is treating you better than last time we worked together. thinking about the $ and only the $ helped me get through the long shifts.

    Big hug, from the bed I’ve been laying on for a long while!!


  2. My story is similar to yours…white, college grad, middle class, student leader, etc…did a year of house arrest as a result of a drug offense. I am working on an essay about my experience and discovered your blog when looking around to see what else is out there. I’d be happy to correspond with you privately if you feel you need help or support to get through this. I survived my year but it did change me.
    Are you able to see my email as blog creator? If so, drop me a line if you like. If not, post a way for me to send it to you. I’d rather not post it here publicly.

  3. Hey babe, lol about criminal minds lol I love that show and csi miami haha! You can get through this jeramiyah and I send you our love and prayers! Thankfully its a year at home and not behind bars! Keep your head up, least u can have company ya know! Not much longer its going
    to be over soon! Your briiliant and amazing you got this!
    Love always,
    Nettie &Jeramiyah

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