The Ricki Lake Show

Backstage, a moment before my interview with Ricki…

I was recently invited to be a guest on The Ricki Lake Show.  The interview will air on Monday, January 7th.  For local broadcast information, go to:

Life continues to be strange, even after house arrest!  I think I prefer this kind of strange.



21 thoughts on “The Ricki Lake Show

  1. Glad to see your still posting. You look very nice in the picture and I will look for the interview. Continued success 🙂

  2. I admire your courage to share your story. You seem like a very genuine and a very likable person, I am so sorry that you got caught up with someone who preyed on the fact that you wanted friendship and she deceived you. I have longed for years to have a close friendship and have many times did so much to be a good friend from paying for lunches, dinners, buying things for people, always going out of my way because I wanted that close relationship/friendship with someone. To this day, I am 55 years old and have never found a close friend. I give up trying. I’m learning how to do things on my own, and I even started going on day trips by myself just so I would not quit living “so to speak”. I have since given up and my resolve is just to be good to me in the best way that I can. I’m sure there are others out there like me that would give anything to be a good friend; but where do you find that relationship? If you don’t find it early in school somewhere in life it’s so hard to pick up “new” friends. I have wracked my brain to think of a way to come up with some type of website, or a blog, or a facebook type of thing where people like me, who would really like to have a normal friendship where you could share good food, conversations, movies, etc. I wish you well in life. Don’t give up. Hopefully something good will come out of such a messed up situation. God bless you.

    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you for your message. I am certain that you are not alone in your experience. You seem like a kind, well-spoken and interesting person, and I am sure that you have a lot to offer as a friend. Have you thought about signing up for some classes? Imagine finding something that interests you (book club, cooking class, aerobics class, yoga class, cooking class, spiritual group, art class, gardening class, community service group, etc.) and taking action on that interest. I imagine that special interest groups and classes are a great place to meet new people AND enjoy an activity at the same time. I really recommend that you try it out and see what sounds like fun to you. Perhaps you could even go to sites like and and find some deals on some unique activities. I wish you the best, in friendships and in life.

  3. I saw caught the coming attraction ,and I never watch Ricki because its the same time as judge Judy ,but my interest was piqued .
    I *hate* the phoney LA scene stuff . I could never live there ,but I’m a loud mouthed native New yorker .We don’t do bullsh*t well .
    Move to nyc ,and find a job on a soap opera .Lots of stars ,started that way ,and it would be a new start .
    Just my thoughts on it.
    Good luck with anything you do ,and real friends will never need to exchange photos in advance .
    I hope the guy that introduced you was investigated,because he set you up .


      • I once saw Tony Danza on a talk show,and he said …Los Angeles is like a song that you dance too,but New York is a song ,that makes you want to dance.
        LA has some awesome things and people ,but NYC has soul .
        I thought to move to LA once upon a time ,but i was staked ,and almost got assaulted .
        Granted ,mayor bloomberg is systematically homogenizing the city ,but we are still pretty cool .

        Dunno…I also prefer seasons .
        You can always go back to LA later ,but we have the famous studios in Astoria,where gossip girl is filmed ,and you can always get work on stuff like law and order .
        You go girl . Take the bull by the horns ,and just go for it .
        Sometimes a set back,is what makes you go forward .

  4. I’m usually never watch Ricki Lake, But for some reason I did. At first I thought you were Reese Witherspoon. You look just like her. Then I listen to your story and was completely shocked at what you went through. Thank you for sharing your story. Congratulations on finally being free and I wish nothing but the best for you from now on.

  5. Just saw ricki. You did great. Your so adorable your life will get much better. My sister was arrested for a pot farm from the dea. It was very scary. They even put a gun to her dog when she wouldn’t stop barking. She did not make her court date and is living off the grid. She got wrapped up with the wrong husband. Sad. Ive had consoling friends before too. Especially in my early 20’s. We have all made mistakes. You have learned and will succeed. Maybe star in your own movie of the week. Good luck and take care of yourself

  6. My son was napping, and I just happened to have Ricki on…your story mesmerized me! You seem like such a sweet, kind, genuine, likeable person and I’m really sorry that Lisette took advantage of you 🙁 You looked gorgeous, and I really enjoyed hearing your story! Things can only look up from here!! 🙂 Best of luck to you and take care!!! 🙂 I plan to read over your blog when I have a few spare moments! (few and far between when you have a very active little boy who is almost 2 :D)

  7. “I’ve been reading a blog of a woman on house arrest for a year almost all day, when I wasn’t changing diapers, playing with or feeding Oliver, washing/drying/ironing clothes, washing dishes, and changing the sheets on the bed.” – My Facebook status for the day.

    I caught your story on Ricki Lake today. Being a stay at home wife/mom for the last 12 months has given me the opportunity to write again. But I haven’t taken advantage of it until this last week. Reading your entire blog only pushed me further to get back to blogging myself. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. It was humbling to watch the life of someone else for a year. Good luck in all your new adventures! I look forward to checking in on how it goes!

  8. Hey, its me again! Ive been through some horrible times myself…Like to share them with you. Im finally divorced as of 12/21/2012. The most happiest day of my life. He was just no good for me. So, hope to hear from you soon…all my best to you Meili.

  9. Hi ya,

    I was just watching the ID channel and heard your story. Of course, after hearing you talk about your blog, I just had to check it out. I will not pretend to know what you were (and probably still are) going through, but I will say what a strong woman you must be. I would have probably gone crazy being stuck in my home all the time. 🙂

    Anyways I just wanted to stop by and say, that I am so happy that this ordeal is over for you and may the rest of your life be joyous. Of course not every day of your life will be great, but hopefully even when you have a bad day you will remember that it could be a lot worse. Good luck in your acting career. If you ever get on facebook look me up Christina Atkinson Knight. I would love to be able to offer words of encouragement to ya! Take care!

  10. Hey Meili,
    DVR’d your episode and it was incredible! What an experience. So happy for you that the worst is over. I don’t know if you remember me but i posted on your blog last year and at that time, my husband, Danny, had 274 days left of his year. I can’t believe it, but we are down to 96 days!!! I have to confess that we’ve watched your release video multiple times. Can’t wait to feel like that-We can only imagine! Take care and have a great summer!

  11. I just watched your story on ID. My personality is very much similar to yours. I longed so much for best sister like friendships for a long time. I realized that I have to just be best friends with myself because other people prey on genuine kind hearted like you and I. We should become friends.

  12. i was a ricky lake fan yrs ago… when i stopped watching was when she got pregnant.. omg, i was pregnant 4 times, she acted like she was the only woman to ever get pregnant… it wore thin.. then she bragged about how she was sooo happily married to a man she barely knew, welll, we all know the bragging was for nothing,,, when her show returned, grass watching grow was more interesting… still about woman HER age having babies, and exercise.. anyone knows that exercise during pregnancy is important as well as diet. ricky, you weren’t eve, who carried the first baby.. that is when i stopped watching and again boring boring comeback.. also, i found her phony as well, rich, and phoney… no ricky not jealous of your money

  13. Just saw the show u were on. I pray that ur story will inspire people and that u continue to do all the things u want to do. GOD BLESS YOU and keeo living life to the fullest!!!! Good Luck!

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