I called my probation officer when I woke up this morning (obviously I could barely sleep, knowing that I would be released back into the wild of Los Angeles in the morning!).  He deactivated the GPS on my ankle bracelet and told me that I could take it off with a screwdriver before he arrived to collect it, along with my final reporting paperwork.

I couldn’t resist the urge to film the occasion!  RIP, you little bastard.

Time served.

24 thoughts on “Release

  1. Wow! I’ve watched this twice.. I smiled and felt the excitement.. I’ve been reading your blog for 8 months now and I also had a year on house arrest for something similar. I have 59 days to go. That video revitalized my spirit like I could never describe! WOOOO!

  2. I have just recently started reading your blog site, and I am very happy for you! I am in the middle of my third month of house arrest. I too created a blogsite for this. It is very helpful, actually.

  3. So much excitement came over me watching this! I have 19 days left and have been strapped in or locked in for the past 6 months!! So much hope!! Definite inspiration!

  4. You are so frickin cute, just saw you on Ricky Lake. Good things will come to you in the future. Remember this is your time now, GO FOR IT.


  5. Hey Meili, Its Teresa from Santa Fe formerly from Seabeck. No longer together with B. Just happened to be watching the Ricky lake show, you surely didn’t deserve that at all! I wondered what you’d been up to. I hope there is a way we could talk! Thinking about you..many blessings girl!

  6. I just saw your story on who the bleep, wow, I realize you have been off the monitor for awhile now but still must feel amazing. Just the ability to go out to 7/11 or pick-up a pizza, things we all take for granted. I assume you were able to have people in? If so that must have been a break in the monotony. I will peruse the site some more and hope you have kept current, at least for awhile. I bet if you had a dog it’s happy it can go outside and pee now 🙂

  7. I am so happy for you and I would like to get to know you better I am honest and I feel that you need something good to happen in your life. You have been through a lot. Trust is earned and I would like to earn your trust if you ever need a friend I am here for you. good blessings to you and everything you do.


  8. i took my bracelet off put it on my dog at home, lol,,went out and partytime then when i got home i put it back on lol,,,,i miss that dog NAMED HIM SHITHEAD,,,, after THAT CLINT EASTWOODS DOG IN THE ENFORCER MOVIE LOL THINK THAT WAS THE FLICK LOL ANYWAY OHHH LA LA LOOKING GOOD THERE MAYBEE WE CAN MEET SOMEDAY AND WEAR ARE HIS AND HERS BRACLET AND GROW OLD TOGETHER LOL

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