Mitt Romney vs. Dying Medical Marijuana Patient

I won’t be invited to vote in the upcoming election, but if you are, then I recommend that you take a look at this video before you decide who you want to vote for.  I just had to share this.


68 days to go.

10 thoughts on “Mitt Romney vs. Dying Medical Marijuana Patient

  1. I voted for Romney as I am fiscally conservative. I feel that anyone who has been handed a medical death sentence should be allowed to make their last months/days comfortable. He did not say that he would arrest him he said that he stands his ground on the issue, something most politicians dont do because they are afraid to lose votes. The dying young man will find a way to do this albeit illegally. We as Americans need to stop listening to the media, it is purely editorials, they tell you what they want you to know to fit their agenda. Read the foreign news, canadian, european etc. It will usually give you the facts and let you make up your own mind instead of the usual Obama Worship.

    • Maybe the foreign places you so worship may be a better comfortable environment for you if you are so Anti Obama. Watch out in 2016 you may have to deal with Hillary for 8 years. God I hope so.
      Your Mitt has shown to be a very sore loser and shows suicidal tendencies. He may need Medical Marijana himself.

      • Mitt is part of a grand old country club and if you can’t see it then be it!! People die everyday in our great country called America… yes, we can’t help you because you don’t have insurance. Just die! If your neighbor becomes sick you do nothing because you are too busy. Do you work for an insurance company!? Make sure all things are written by the law!! best to all…

    STUFFED SHIRT, ASS WHOLE< you know what you are!!

    do you eat quiche? do you eat sushi? oh, and do you know how the rest of the world eat? May the stock market be on your side!!

  3. As a potential leader, he did not safely answer a simple question from his audience. Goof for you Romdney, you are a talking Robot with no soul….

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