Oh, Brother


Before dinner and Earned Leave with my brother, who visited me this week… “Well, you’re not telling me to cut my ankle bracelet off, so I guess I can’t tell you to take your flippers off before we go to dinner.”

69 days to go.

5 thoughts on “Oh, Brother

  1. I thought your anklet was on your left leg? How many people look at you weird when you go out with that thing locked to your leg?

    Keep writing, your blog is very entertaining!

    • Thanks! I do get a lot of looks when I go out. It can be pretty amusing at times. My ankle bracelet has been on my left ankle (though it was moved to my right ankle today), but the photo in this blog was taken of a mirror.

  2. That frigging thing is huge! Just out of curiousity is it also some sort of GPS device? I’m on the stupid ankle bracelet myself but the one I’m chained to is way smaller. Keep it up, your blog is awesome.

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