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Self-portrait taken on my last Saturday night on house arrest!

Hey guys!  For anyone who would like to follow me further through this twisted saga, you can follow me on Twitter @meili_cady (You can click on the “follow me” black stripe thing with the bird on it to your right about three inches!)

For those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time, welcome!  Keep reading if you’re interested!  If you are currently on the home confinement program, you might be able to relate to some of my experiences here.  From attempting to squeeze into boots around an ankle bracelet, to witnessing masturbating neighbors staring down at me as I’m sequestered in the only sunlight of my tiny backyard patio, to racing the clock during Earned Leave and the constant milieu of probation’s supervision– this is what life was like during my year of house arrest.  To those of you who are not on house arrest, but are sick enough to want to know what it’s like, feel free to read on as well!

I’ll also be sharing info via Twitter regarding the upcoming release of my memoir based on these events.  The book will be released by It Books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers.

Thanks again for stopping by!